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We herewith want to welcome the English orientated visitor at the website of ERIKS Schoonhoven (former Elmeq Nederland B.V.) We are a Dutch company and most of our customers are Dutch, so besides this page, the rest of the website is in Dutch. But to inform our English orientated visitors about ERIKS Schoonhoven you can read our company profile below.

It is the solution that counts!

ERIKS Schoonhoven realizes innovative solutions in the field of motion control and linear and rotary drives. From high quality standard solutions till perfectly customized motion control, engineering and service! That's in a few words the strength of ERIKS Schoonhoven (formerly Elmeq). 

With over thirty years of experience, ERIKS Schoonhoven realizes innovative solutions in the field of motion control and linear and rotary drives. ERIKS Schoonhoven analyzes, advises, coordinates and supplies (standard) components. ERIKS Schoonhoven also develops and manufactures customer specific solutions and performs maintenance, repairs, overhauls and modifications.  

Early involvement is better

Many engineers think too quickly in terms of practical solutions. Often out of habit and / or because they are accustomed to certain products and systems. That inhibits innovation. The experts from ERIKS Schoonhoven (formerly Elmeq) approach each design problem with an open mind and are used to 'outside the box' thinking. By early involvement with these experts you will be able to work faster, will become more targeted and develop more effectively.

Multidisciplinary development

Developing with ERIKS Schoonhoven means working with engineers of various disciplines: electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic (hardware and software). Besides this, they know how the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) must be applied and are aware of all relevant safety and / or industry-related guidelines. This lays the solid foundation for an integrated optimum design, which optimally combines modern electronics with state-of-the-art engine technology.  

Production and testing facilities

Therefore ERIKS Schoonhoven has the necessary built-in facilities. For example, the electro-test department has a "Faraday cage" to perform pre-compliance EMC testing. In addition, vibration testing and temperature tests can be done. A well thought-out (lean) assembly line means short lead times. The ERIKS group owns a cleanroom for assembling precision mechanical and medical systems. Finally, there are numerous options for products with special codes, cable packages and / or other add-ons. Naturally, the products will be packed according to the wishes and requirements of the customer after a careful check at the output department.

What can you expect from a co-maker?

At your request, we will supply. It could be as easy as that, but this is not always how it works. When the technical specialists of ERIKS Schoonhoven know in which application the requested product is put, they might suggest a much better solution. In this way, by introducing its knowledge and experience, ERIKS Schoonhoven makes a positive contribution to your innovation and development. This results in an attractive reduction of both development time and costs, and consequently in a lower cost for your machine. So you may be able to produce better product properties. Here you should think of lower energy, higher performance and / or a better ergonomic and aesthetic design.

Customers, applications and markets 

ERIKS Schoonhoven supplies to major OEMs which develop and produce:

- Automatic (company) doors
- Graphic machines
- Production lines for semiconductor
- Handling Systems (pick-and-place/multi axis robots)
- Power savings systems
- Production lines for the food sector
- Pharmaceutical / Medical Equipment
- Devices for comfort and rehabilitation
- Agricultural / horticultural machines
- Machines for use in livestock
- Solutions for the mobile sector

We are active on more markets, ask our sales department for examples from your industry.

Our product range

Our product range can be divided into the groups:

Rotating motion control

  • Motors (AC, asynchronous, synchronous, DC Servo, AC Servo and steppers)
  • Gearboxes (worm, spur, planetary and right angle gearboxes)
  • Encoders, resolvers, tacho’s and brakes

Linear motion control

  • Actuators (comfort, industry and heavy duty)
  • Direct-drive linear motors
  • Spindles (trapezoidal, helix and ball screws)
  • Lineare unit with spindle or pulley if desired equipped with an (integrated) motor
  • Encoder or analogue feedback, limit switches


With our components you can build/put together your own system.

  • Cable assemblies
  • Couplings (flexures, universal joints and customized)
  • Machined Springs

Electronics and software

  • Amplifiers and controllers: 1, 2 and 4 quadrant DC brush- and brushless amplifiers, AC servo drives and also stepper drives. We can deliver these products in both programmable as non-programmable designs.
  • PCB design + manufacturing
  • (Embedded) software developments
  • EMC pre-complaince tests
  • Field bus communication

Door related products

  • Electrical door openers (horizontal and vertical)
  • Motion controllers for sliding, revolving and trap doors
  • Accessories as programming terminal, motors, switches 

Under the name DoorCon, ERIKS Schoonhoven we manufacture these door related products. Our dealer organisation sells the products.  The DoorCon products are used in shops, shopping malls, personal care homes and offices and on buses, trains and ships. Read more (technical) information on the website DoorCon (website is in English).

Our suppliers

Our products and systems are from leading Dutch and foreign suppliers. Below is a list of our most important (A-)suppliers.

ERIKS  division power transmission

ERIKS division power transmission is dedicated to all primary drive technical disciplines such as pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical and mechanical systems. ERIKS delivers not only the components for operating systems but also the (software) engineering and system integration in the role of supplier. They can be a co-maker or in a partnership with of course the after sales service. The other location of ERIKS power transmission is in Roermond. They offer hydraulics and mechanical drives. Website: http://www.eriks.nl


ERIKS Schoonhoven is part of the ERIKS group. ERIKS is an international industrial service provider. ERIKS' current product range, including the technical and logistics services that form part of it, is divided into five core activities: Sealing technology, Power transmission, including electromechanical services and condition monitoring, Flow technology, Industrial plastics and Tools & maintenance products.

ERIKS has become a leading, innovative supplier to the proces industry and to equipment manufacturers, fulfilling the twin roles of specialist and broad MRO supplier. ERIKS currently consists of more than 60 companies with branches in 27 countries.

In 2009 ERIKS was acquired by SHV. Read here more about the ERIKS group.


- Company profile (EN)
- Company profile 2012/2013 ERIKS (EN)
- ISO certificate 9001:2008. Expiry date certificate is June 2015. Download the certificate here.